We have read that Pundhalik, with his devotion, was able to bring the presence of Bhagwan Pandurang at Pandharpur. Now in 21st century, Gururaj Omkar Maharaj has created history with his extreme faith and devotion, by bringing the presence of Lord Shaneswar at Shaneshwar Sansthan, Dombivli to end the sufferings of His devotees. Countless devotees have experienced the divine power of Lord Shaneshwar.

Thousands of devotees visit Shaneshwar Sansthan(Shani Mandir) every day here at Dombivli. Saturdays are the most crowded days when devotees arrive like a procession. Some come and pray to get their wishes fulfilled, while many others come to express their gratitude for their wishes getting fulfilled. The name and fame of Shanidev at Shaneshwar Sansthan, Dombivli, as the One who hears the prayers of His devotees and fulfills all their needs, is gradually spreading all over.

About the Founder

Gururaj Omkar Maharaj, the founder of Shaneshwar Sansthan, Dombivli, was born in Sonarpada a village in the outskirts of Dombivli, Thane District , Maharashtra. Right from the childhood, he was spiritually inclined. As early as at the age of ten, the spiritual flame in him was fully ablaze. In due course, the Kundilini Shakthi (Serpent Power of Yoga) in him was awakened. Holy hymns( Abhangwani/ Doha) started to flow out from his bhakthi filled intellect as in the case of Dnayneshwar Maharaj and Kabir. Thereafter at the age of seventeen, he started writing spiritually oriented books through which he projected his thoughts to the external world," Bhakthi Rahasya" (the Secret of Bhakthi) authored by him, was published by the Rahuri Agricultural University, Maharashtra.

In his Spiritual pursuit, Gururaj Omkar Maharaj realized the power of Aksharbrahama(Om) and thereafter , he open the gates of Kundilini Shakti to thousands of devotees who approached him for spiritual guidance by way of observance of Shaktipatha. By now, his name and spiritual capabilities were spread all over Maharashtra, and his disciples came from all walks of society.The learnt and qualified class especially , considered it a blessing to be associated with him since they found the spiritual and rational elements in him balanced and ever enlightening . Today, a team of prominent businessmen and other well placed individual's have come together dedicating themselves to the noble causes of Omkar Mission.

Pograms will be organized:Shani Shanti - Shani Sadesati - Aishwaryasiddhi Mahayagya - Navgraha shanti - Maha Abhishek Interested devotees can contact.