Shri Dinesh Singh Rajput


Vice President, Mahesh Tutorials

By spending crores of rupees we can construct a temple and erect god's idol but no money can buy the God. To invoke the divine in the idol, strong spiritual power is required. That spiritual power i have observed in Gururaj Omkar Maharaj. Through Omkar Maharaj's spiritual capabilities, Shanehswar Sansthan has emerged as a source of spiritual power. More than a stone idol,Shani Dev, who is born of Surya, (Suryaputra) is present here with His divine Powers.

Thousands of devotees have experienced this power of Shani Dev and i am just one among them. Worship Shani Dev with a pure mind and a strong faith and all your problems will get resolved.

It gives me immense pleasure to write about and, to share my experiences with you all about Shaneshwar Sansthan, Dombivli. Since we all know each and every people has fear of ShaniDev.

Since they think that when ShaniDev enters into their zodiacal sign, their life gets miserable and each and every work fails due to it. But according to my thinking, if ShaniDev enters into our zodiacal sign. Then we get actual lessons from life, and we come to know about do’s and dont’s in future life. It teaches us a great lesson for which we deserve, and the person who takes it in a positive way he really gets out through each and every difficulty. I think entering Shani dev in Zodiacal sign makes you more tougher and stronger to face any situations that come before you, because in that period of 7 1/2 years. The person has to face many difficulties and challenges which make him stronger, but the person who is unable to face these situations and challenges lay behind in his future life.

Ms Pooja


Software Developer, HDFC Bank

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