The planets and stars present in the skies do have an influence in our lives in one way or other. During full moon, the level of the water in the ocean rises to the full extent. Life is like an ocean. When the planetary positions are favorable, then our efforts will give good results and with some hard work, we get success in life. When planets are unfavorably placed, then life becomes unproductive and we go down in life. During such bad times, if there is no improvement in life even after we put in efforts and hard work with difficulties also, then one should take up the power of knowledge and remain self confident.

Make them (these virtues) happy. Do remember that in this Kalyug, the most prominent divine power is that of Shani Dev, because of which he transits through all signs of the zodiac with a powerful impact. Only Shani Dev has that power to transform a king into a pauper, and a pauper into a king, within the flash of a second.

Advantages of Mahayagnya

People with determination and hard work will get the desired results in life. But behind the hard work, whatever power is there, without the help of that power, our efforts and its results will get limited. During such times, one should come to Shani Dev and perform Navgraha Shaanthi, Shani Shaanthi, Shani SaadeSaathi, and Aishwarya Siddhi Mahayagnya with full devotion. With this, whatever remains unfinished in their lives will get completed and their desires will be fulfilled. There will be great success and progress in business, legal issues will get resolved, sickness will be replaced with good health, whatever had been lost will be regained delayed marriages will take place and unemployed will be employed.

Special Information

At Shaneshwar Sansthan, Dombivli, Abhishek, Navgraha Shaanthi, Shani Shaanthi, Shani Saadesathi, Aishwarya Siddhi Mahayagya and all types of religious rites are conducted at fair and reasonable rates. Devotees can take advantage of these facilities.

Pograms will be organized:Shani Shanti - Shani Sadesati - Aishwaryasiddhi Mahayagya - Navgraha shanti - Maha Abhishek Interested devotees can contact.